Resource Person - Andrew Blanch

Andrew Blanch

Andrew Blanch

Andrew is Managing Director of Alvan Blanch Group. Alvan Blanch is a British manufacturing and project engineering company with a global outlook, specialising in the design, production and supply of quality machines
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Resource Person - Carole Payne

Carole Payne

Carole Payne

Carole is a highly successful Operations Director with global experience in the food safety field having worked in all areas of the food industry, from manufacture, retail, enforcement, compliance auditing and the provision of training
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Resource Person - Delia Ojinnaka

Delia Ojinnaka

Delia Ojinnaka

A graduate of Kings College, University of London (BSc; Biology), Leeds University (MSc; Food Science)and Cranfield University (PhD; Rheological characterisation of microbial polysaccharides); Delia is a fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology, UK
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Resource Person - Erica Sheward

Erica Sheward

Erica Sheward

Erica Sheward is a Food Safety Specialist at NRI and supports the delivery of MSc programmes in Food Safety and Quality Management.
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Dr. Samuel Dapaah

Dr. Samuel K. Dapaah

Mr. Dapaah’s 37-year career with the Ghanaian Civil Service included 15 years in leadership as director of policy planning, monitoring and evaluation and as chief director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
Mr. Mamadou Biteye

Mr. Mamadou Biteye

Mamadou is an agricultural economist by training, with over twenty years of experience in strategic leadership, human resources management, financial management, program development and implementation, etc.
Mandis Limited

Mandis Limited

Mandis Limited, a private wholly Ghanaian owned limited liability company registered under the Companies Code Act 179, 1963 and incorporated in December, 2008 mandated to operate by law in Agro-Processing with core in Citrus Fruits, Farming, etc.
Njoro Canning Factory

Njoro Canning Factory

NCF was created by Mr. Featherstone in 1938. Mr. T.K. Patel took over the factory in 1978 and in 1981, there was a joint venture agreement with a French company SAUPIQUET to produce canned French beans for the French market.

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Food Security and Supply
For countries to substantially increase their agricultural productivity in order to be able to feed her larger population in the future, it must adopt an inclusive accelerated modernization and commercialization of local Agriculture without leaving out the small scale farmers. Learn More

Public Health and Food Safety

Ensuring that local regulation is on par with international food safety standards may require an element of regulatory reform and coordination. Learn More


The intentional release or threat of release of biological agents in order to cause disease or death among human population or food crops or  livestock (Das and Katara, 2010). 

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Reducing Post-Harvest Loss

This is not just about feeding more people; it is about protecting and helping producers. Food loss in developing countries adversely affects the livelihoods of smallholder farmers by decreasing the amount of harvest they can  sell. 

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